The main library fund


The main library fund is a part of one fund which represents collection of Kazakhstan and foreign editions, informative, educational and scientific literature. Fund volume is 1 446 195 units. Fund structure contains: books, periodicals, audiobooks, electronic editions, cards, musical editions, cards, microfiches, and also books on Braili for visually impaired citizens. Special value of fund cultures and educations represent more than 30 private book meetings of domestic scientists, outstanding collectors of Kazakhstan.

The electronic fund (EGBF) has started in 2007 in the framework of the realization of the project «The Kazakhstan national electronic library» (KazNEB). It is a collection of electronic copies of printed editions which are available in funds not only in NAL RK, but also in leading universal and scientific libraries of Kazakhstan. The fund contains 19500 e-copies. The fund constantly replenishes and is accessible on KazNEB portal at: We invite authors and publishers to take part in creation of the Kazakhstan national electronic library (KazNEB). Access to fund of e-copies is given according to the current legislation on observance of copyrights in RK.

The fund of official and regulatory documents is a specialized collection of official documents, and publications of the international organizations, state goverment bodies of RK, official standard-industrial documents, editions of Statistics Agencies of RK.

The fund of dissertations and abstracts includes doctor's and master's theses of the Kazakhstan scientists on all branches of knowledge.The fund contains 347 dissertations and more than 10 000 abstracts in various fields of knowledge.

            The fund of rare books has 60 units of publications in Kazakh, Russian and Arabic. The fund of valuable publications are publications issued by the state program "Cultural Heritage". The fund of NAL RK  received 550 titles of books on history, archeology, ethnography and culture of Kazakhstan. They include such series as "Babalar sozy", "Library of World Literature," which includes an advanced creative writing from Europe, America, Australia, Africa, Asia, the "History of Kazakh literature", "The philosophical heritage of the Kazakh people from ancient times to the present day "," World cultural studies thought "," economic classic "," World's philosophical heritage. "also, the fund valuable editions are 14 works of Kazakhstan authors of the project" Golden Collection of Eurasia. 

The fund of foreign language literature  makes over 15000 thousand editions in many languages of nations of the world: language both branch dictionaries and directories, methodical and educational editions for the aid to studying and teaching of foreign languages; editions on different branches of a science and technics, a fiction, the regional geographic literature in different languages of the world. The particular interest is represented by editions for the aid to preparation and delivery of tests for possession of English language (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Editions are presented on printing and electronic carriers appeal attention of people, who studies history, a science, culture, the literature of foreign countries.

The fund of art literature contains more than 11500 thousand printing and electronic documents: books on music, cinema, theater, fine arts, architecture, museum business; albums on painting, a drawing, a sculpture and arts and crafts, musical editions, video and compact discs. The most valuable part of fund is the books published within the limits of a government program "Cultural heritage". For example, books from a series «Kazak onerinin tarihy», «Kazakhstan ХІХ gasyr suretshilerinin shyharmalary », «Kazak madenieti », «Kazak onerinin tarihy», albums of known Kazakhstan artists Y.Kasteev, G.Ismailovoi, S.Kalmykova, etc. And also collection СD–DVD disks «New films of new Kazakhstan», «Musical Kazakhstan», "Asanali Ashimov", "Ahmet Zhubanov" from a series «Asyl mura», devoted to creativity outstanding Kazakh art workers

The fund of fiction represents a collection of works of art of writers of Kazakhstan, classics of the foreign literature, the modern literature in Kazakh and Russian, the children's literature. Mainly the fund contains the best works of the Kazakh writers presented in series «Atamura Kitaphanasy», «Otyrar kitaphanasy».

The fund of media library includes 12 200 copies on all branches of knowledge. These are text, sound and multimedia documents which are original editions or electronic analogs of printing editions. The collection structure includes educational, interactive lessons, records of classical musical masterpieces, encyclopedias and audio books. A particular interest the copy of the first multimedia training program «Historical art heritage of Kazakhs» in four languages (Kazakh, English, Turkish and Russian, «The Caspian Gold Book for Kazakhstan» collection, including materials about culture of Kazakhs in Kazakh, English and Russian. The fund actively replenishes with electronic textbooks of leading Kazakhstan high schools.

The fund of periodicals includes scientific special and theoretical magazines, information publications, scientific and technical both popular scientific newspapers and magazines of Kazakhstan, Russia, the far abroad. Besides, in the fund there are donative copies of the retro periodicals from the fund of the National library of RK in Almaty, the Presidential center of culture of RК, Academy of Science of RK printed in 2005.

Information Bibliographic Fund (IBF) is represented in Kazakh and Russian, and includes: encyclopedias, encyclopedic dictionaries (universalnyei branch), reference books and dictionaries (monolingual, terminology, spelling, etc.), bibliographic references, publication of national bibliography (books, magazine, newspaper chronicle), multimedia publications (CD-ROM), and the ATP "Zan" and "Paragraph."

The fund of librarianship  (FPL) is a collection of books on library science, bibliography and book science. This includes books in Kazakh, Russian and English. The basis of the collection is made up professional periodicals, teaching materials, materials of conferences and meetings, publications Kazakhstan libraries, directories, regulatory materials, encyclopedias, terminological dictionaries, collections of articles, bibliographies and other documents.