Virtual reference service "question to the librarian"


 The Virtual reference service "Question to the librarian" is an online reference and bibliographic service of the NABRK, designed to serve remote users, related to the search for information on the entire spectrum of thematic areas.

        The Virtual Help Desk performs:

• requests for the availability of a specific document in the NABRK funds;

• thematic queries (references containing a list of documents on a specific topic);

• factual queries (information about a specific event, organization, famous person, definition of the term in reference books, encyclopedias, etc.). For this request, the user receives a certificate indicating the source of information;

• clarifying queries.

       Requests are accepted daily in Kazakh and Russian and are executed in the order they are received. The deadline for completing requests is from 1 to 3 days.

        The archive of completed requests allows you to find the necessary information yourself.

        Main limitations:

        The following issues are not considered: issues that go beyond the thematic focus of NABRK's activities; requiring clarification and interpretation of laws and regulations; related to the need to provide educational information (solving mathematical, physical, chemical and other problems, writing text papers – abstracts, term papers, theses, etc., translation of texts); incorrectly formulated.

        You can send requests to