Electronic document delivery


Electronic Document Delivery

Electronic Document Delivery is one of forms of the modern library technologies, allowing to carry out orders of readers in the form of reception of electronic copies on high-speed communication.

The service of Electronic document delivery of the  National Academic library of RK gives possibility to order editions necessary for you from funds of libraries of Kazakhstan and Russia:

The Kazakhstan national electronic library (KazNEB) www.kazneb.kz

The catalog «E-copy of books» contains electronic copies from funds and collections of libraries of Kazakhstan. It includes catalogs: the Cultural heritage, Kazahstanika, Rare editions of libraries of Kazakhstan, Agricultural books, Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, Rare foreign books, Bulletins of universities.

«Catalogs of NAL RK» reflect printing and electronic resources from funds of National academic library of Republic Kazakhstan. The catalog consists of following catalogs: "Books", "Media library", «Oil and gas», «the Literature in foreign languages», «Author's abstracts, dissertations».

From funds KazNeB it is possible to order:

• articles from magazines and collections;
• author's abstracts and dissertations;
• methodical materials;
• fragments of monographies in volume no more than 1/3 parts.

Instructions for use electronic delivery of documents from funds and collections of libraries of Kazakhstan through a portal of KazNEB:

• Service of delivery of electronic copies from funds and collections of libraries of Kazakhstan is made according to the current legislation on protection of intellectual property and requirements on maintenance of safety of library funds;
• Orders from Users are accepted only for use of the received material by them in the educational or scientific purposes.
• Taking into account the restrictions imposed by the Law of Republic Kazakhstan «About the copyright and the adjacent rights» from June, 10th, 1996 № 6-1 (with changes and additions as of 7/10/2009), than 1/3 book contents can be sent the user no more.
• Term of performance of the order from 1 till 10 working days;
• Orders are carried out on a free basis.

The National library of Republic Kazakhstan (NL RK). www.nlrk.kz

The funds of NL of RK are unique and universal. Make 5.5 million units of storage in 100 languages of nations of the world. Electronic catalog of NL is formed since 1994. From funds of NL it is possible to order:
- Journal and newspaper articles,
- Theses of materials of conferences and meetings,
- The separate pages of monographies which are not exceeding 50 pages,
- Author's abstracts.

The national center of the scientific and technical information (NCS NTI) www.nauka.kz
NCS NTI forms the automated reference funds reflecting scientific and technical and a mental potential of Republic Kazakhstan.
In their structure document files and data on national, republican, target, branch, interbranch, regional scientific and technical programs and programs of the basic researches finished NIR and OKR, the protected dissertations, the deposited manuscripts of scientific works, scientific and technical workings out and know-how
РК. From funds KazgosInTi it is possible to order: copies of dissertations and author's abstracts to them.

The national library of Russia (NLR). (St.-Petersburg) www.nlr.ru

Electronic catalog of NLR contains more than 113 thousand records of the books which have arrived in library since January, 1998. Also catalogs of author's abstracts of the dissertations, special kinds of the literature and cards are presented. You can receive electronic copies of the printing documents stored in funds of NLR (including newspapers, musical editions, cartographical and illustrative materials).

The state historical public library (Moscow) www.shpl.ru

In electronic catalog SHPL the information is presented:
- About books domestic and foreign, arrived in library since 1996 (partially and with incomplete bibliographic record about domestic editions since 1993).
- About articles in Russian, English, German, French and Slavic languages (except for Belarus and Ukrainian) from collections since September, 1999 and magazines since 2000.
- About presence of magazines since 2000 (with a partial retrospective show for previous years).

The Russian state library (RSL). (Moscow) www.rsl.ru

The electronic catalog contains bibliographic records on all kinds of documents in Russian, other languages of the people of the Russian Federation, and also the foreign languages, published in the various chronological periods, including:
Books and brochures XX-XXI centuries: in Russian and other languages of the people of the Russian Federation since 1980 on the present; in foreign languages since 1986 on the present; Dissertations in Russian on all branches of knowledge, except medical sciences since 1994 on the present; Author's abstracts of dissertations in Russian since 1986 on the present; Standards (since 2005 on the present); Notes (since XVI century on the present); Cards (since 2006 on the present); Graphic materials; Microforms (for various years);

The state scientific central medical library of Setchenov www.scsml.rssi.ru

Editions of medical educational institutions, medical societies are presented Russian medical literature, the collection of Russian medical magazines (from the end of XVIII century), works of classics of domestic medicine, unique editions (from XVI century) works of Gippokrata, Galena, Avitsenny, etc. The fund was formed since 1988. The library fund totals 3 million copies (more than 1,5 million names) the domestic and foreign medical literature (including proceedings, transfers, dissertations, the author's abstracts, the deposited manuscripts etc.).

Conditions of performance of the order:

- Term of performance of the order till 5 working days;
- Services of Service of electronic delivery of documents are paid, order cost is defined according to the list of paid services of libraries of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The order for electronic delivery of documents is given to all readers of library in «the Internet hall» (3rd floor, room 305).
+7(7172) 47-27-15.