Consultations, seminars, trainings

The National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as a participant in the state program to reduce information inequality, 
offers library readers and colleagues various trainings, consultations, seminars, individual classes on IT technologies and information 
retrieval. Classes are held in the hall of electronic resources, the catalog room, the library's information and bibliographic service. 
Preliminary applications for field trainings and seminars for specialists of organizations are accepted.

"How to work in the KazNEB electronic library"
"Electronic Government: registration, search, on-line services"
"Search for information on the Internet"
"Work with e-mail (e-mail)"
"Search in remote full-text databases"
"Basics of working on a computer"
You can sign up by phone 47 27 15, in the Internet room (office No. 305).

Consultations and individual classes:
Search in the Electronic catalog
Search in legal databases
You can sign up by phone 47 26 57, in the Information and Bibliographic Service, on the library's website