The exchange-reserve fund. Book exchange


          The exchange-reserve fund (ERF) is completed by the doublet, non-core (according to main funds of NAL RK) copies of books sent as a charity, books, sent as a gift to individuals and legal entities, books from the library in liquidation, other sources . ERF includes about 13791 titles on the content and purpose of different species belonging printed documents in Kazakh and Russian and foreign. It commonly includes books on social and human sciences, and fiction.


          Intrastate and international book exchange procure accession in the National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan the editions of educational, juridical, scientific, technical, cultural and informative feature. International book exchange promotes to distribution of national editions which show the aspects of social-political, scientific and technical, cultural life of our republic.
Intrastate and international book exchange carry out in the base of contractual arrangements with account of equivalent book exchange “book for book”.