The Exchange-reserve fund

The exchange-reserve fund (ERF) is completed by the doublet, non-core (according to main funds of NAL RK) copies of books sent as a charity, books, sent as a gift to individuals and legal entities, books from the library in liquidation, other sources . ERF includes about 600 titles on the content and purpose of different species belonging printed documents in Kazakh and Russian. It commonly includes books on social and human sciences, and fiction.

Domestic and international book exchange

NAL RK actively cooperating in the field of domestic and international book exchange with RUSL Kazakhstan, as well as national, academic and other libraries in the CIS and foreign countries. Today 9 libraries in other countries, such as the Library of Congress, the National Library of Spain, the National Library of Romania, the National Library of Czech, the National Library of Poland, the National Library of Hungary, the National Library of Leipzig (Germany) http: / /, the National Library of Slovakia, and 11 libraries in the CIS are partners of NAL RK for book exchange.

Fund Development Service, tel. +7 (7172) 472688
The Head - Kenzheeva Margarita Narekeshovna