The virtual reading room of the Russian State Library

Under memorandum of agreement with Russian State Library and under supervision of Interstate Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS states on the 14th of December 2010, the National Academic Library of RK held the opening ceremony of the Virtual reading room of the Russian State Library (RSL)

Electronic Dissertation Library of the RSL - a unique chance for thousands of scientists in a new way and realize the potential of their staff, to reduce the cost of research, form their scientific opinions with the knowledge which have been accumulated over decades.

Electronic library of dissertations contains more than 650000 full text dissertations and abstracts. The catalogue of Electronic library of RSL dissertations is access-free for any Internet user

The search of dissertations can be made through electronic catalogue of e-versions of dissertations that in addition to bibliography, subject and keyword search has a direct link to the full-text file.

The review of documents can be made under the system of protected review DefView that allows libraries to meet requirements of the 4th part of State Code of the Russian Federation on access to electronic materials without creating digital copies.

The access to databases of RSL in NAL RK can be provided in the reading room for researchers. (3rd floor, room 317)
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