Foreign Literature Center

Specialized room on world literature serves all readers, studying foreign languages in schools or independently.
The structure consists of the following parts of the hall:
- German Reading information center of the Goethe-Institute (literature in German)
- "Window on Korea" (in Korean literature, English)
- The Depositary of NATO
- A Pakistani Corner (literature in Urdu and English)
The reading room on World Literature provides a variety of resources for the study and improvement of foreign languages, information about culture, history and way of life of the peoples of the world and promotes intercultural relations.
Readers have the opportunity to read fiction in the original language, listen to the text of the artwork on discs.

Contacts: 4th floor, room 410
Phone: +7 /7172/ 47-26-99
Working days: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 to 20:00.