Memorial book collection of Myrzatai Zholdasbekov room

      January 22, 2015 took place opening of the hall "The memorial book collection of Myrzatai Zholdasbekov".
Academician, doctor of philological sciences, public and statesman Myrzataĭ Zholdasbekov donated 6 641 (5685 names) books, brochures to the library, including 1041 books with autographs of famous writers, poets, diplomats; 773 books (690 names) in foreign languages; 415 memorial exhibits (souvenirs, portraits, diplomas, certificates, medals, coins, etc.); 908 (368 names) audio-, video resources, phonograph records, cards, 692 periodicals. Total 9 429 copies (8162 names). Fund will be replenished. Also M. Zholdasbekov gave to National academic library the unique collection of national tools of Kazakhs and other people (a dombyra, a zhetigen, an accordion, etc.).
It should be noted that this action is the greatest example of the manifestations of civil government positions. Transmission by M. Zholdasbekov, years of accumulated wealth, has to become an example for imitation, make a wide public response and find the worthy continuation. This act of goodwill is an invaluable contribution to the upbringing and education of the younger generation, to increase the National Academic Library.
Staff of National academic library prepared the bibliographic index of M. Zholdasbekov. The index in a chronological and alphabetic order included 35 books; 381 articles and publications which were published on pages of scientific and informative collections and periodicals in 1960-2014; 64 articles in Russian published in 1986-2014; 286 responses, wishes of colleagues; 31 essays, researches and memories of works of the writer in Russian; 74 books and collections published under the leadership of M. Zholdasbekov.
Memorial book collection of Myrzatai Zholdasbekov designed to carry information, cultural and educational functions. Its main objectives are: providing information and bibliographic services to users, including scientists, undergraduates; holding cultural events (book launches, literary hours, popularization of art kuys, etc.).

Contacts: 3rd floor, room 315
Mode of operation:
Monday-Friday:  from 09:00 a.m  to 18:00 p.m