Informative resources of KazNEB

"Cultural heritage" is created for the purpose of formation of insurance electronic fund of the most valuable materials of the nation. The fund is the fullest source of electronic copies of the books published by leading Kazakhstan publishing houses within the limits of a government program «Myadeni mura» under home nursing of the President of Republic Kazakhstan of N.A.Nazarbayev.

The fund volume makes about 500 digitized books, among which unique series on history, archaeology, ethnography, the best samples of the national literature and writing in a state language, and also a modern reference media.

«Rare editions of libraries of Kazakhstan» includes 1217 editions of last years in the Arabian and Russian languages (from a XIXth century on 1940), having common cultural and scientific importance. Regional universal libraries and scientific libraries of leading high schools of the country have taken part in formation of the present electronic resource. One of the first invaluable copies in a database have transferred to placing National library RK to Almaty, Centre of science of the Eurasian national university of Gumilev «Otyrar kitaphanasy», universal scientific libraries Kostanaysky, Karaganda, Atyrausky, West Kazakhstan, Kyzyl-Ordinskoi, Pavlodar regions RK. Subjects of the presented editions - edge history, religion, culture, the literature and linguistics, flora and fauna, a hydrology, fishery, animal industries, land tenure etc. Translating in a digital format of the book of last years, librarians have inhaled in them «new life». Now these books are accessible in an electronic format to all users of a portal and are a part of the big history of Kazakhstan. «Rare foreign books» represent e-copies of editions from a XVII-th century till 1940 of the edition from funds not only of NAL RK, but also foreign libraries.

«Kazakhstanika» reflects the full information on all branches of knowledge of Kazakhstan, its public, political, economic and cultural life. The resource for numbering was kindly given by participants of the project - popular, scientific libraries of high schools, archives, museums, public funds. Also in formation of the present electronic resource the feasible help is rendered by known Kazakhstan writers, public figures, scientists-researchers, publishing houses, the faculties of leading high schools of Kazakhstan.

«The assembly of the people of Kazakhstan» contains electronic copies of works of members Scientifically - the Advisory council operating at Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan (APK). Scientifically-practical value is represented by materials of scientific conferences, albums, the tables shining activity APK as unique institute of a civil society. The fund volume makes more than 200 e-copies of books.

«Agricultural books» - editions on agriculture of Kazakhstan, including proceedings from funds of Republican agricultural library.

«Abstracts and dissertations» - 14308 bibliographic descriptions, including 300 e-copies of the Kazakhstan dissertations (bibliographic descriptions with access to full texts only in local network NAL RK).

«Heralds of universities» - more than 200 publications which contain analytical articles and materials of scientific researches of the faculty of leading high schools of Kazakhstan.