Databases that are available to readers of the NALRK (local access)

National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan provides access to subscription databases of electronic resources. Access to the database is carried out in accordance with the license agreement only with the computer network of the Library.

Subscription resources in 2021



Foreign data bases

Euromonitor International Passport

EBSCO Informationservices 


Russian-language database


East View Publications Обзор СМИ

Электронная библиотека диссертаций Российской государственной библиотеки






Legal Databases
(access is organized in the service of information-bibliographic service)

ИС Параграф

База данных "Эталон"

База данных "ЗАКОН"/"ЗАН"




Databases Open Access


Center for Research Libraries (CRL)




Hathi Trust

Information Bridge

Open Access

Open Library


World Digital Library

BioMed Central


Directory of Open Access journals

Consulting and training in working with databases you can get:
• In room electronic resources (3rd floor, room 305), Tel. 47 27 15
• The scientific study hall (3rd floor, room 317), Tel. 47 26 65
• In the service of information-bibliographic service (3rd floor, room 309), Tel. 47 26 57