Literary and intellectual club «ТӘЖ»

Objectives of the club - the extensive propaganda among the younger generation of spiritual values of the Kazakh people, its philosophy and poetry; creation an opportunity for the development of literary and poetic creativity for youth of Astana, support talented young poets; holding recitals in NABRK the purpose of free communication with the well-known personalities of the country, as well as strengthening the close ties between the library and the readers, readers and authors.

The structure of the club "TAZH" includes famous poets Ularbek Nurgaliyev, Ykylas Ozhay, Asylzat Arystanbek, Gabiden Kunyshbay and etc.. In total about one hundred young poets and writers. Everyone who is interested in poetry can become the clubman of "TAZH", prose, writes poetry, stories, essays.

Head of the literary and intellectual club - Baurzhan Segizbayev.