Hall of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

The Opening Ceremony of the Hall of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan  was held in the Frame of the Year of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.      
          A Presentation of the Database about  the History  of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Ethnic and Cultural  Associations was held  at www.ank.nabrk.kz.
The New  Hall is designed to be  a "Platform"  of Inter-Cultural, Inter-Ethnic  and  Inter-Religious Dialogue;  to provide Access to Information Resources on the Activities of  Assembly of People of Kazakhstan;  to participate in the Formation of Competitive Cultural Mentality of  Kazakhstani People; to educate Youth Perception of the Culture and Traditions of Ethnic  Groups of Kazakhstan in the Spirit of Mutual Understanding and Respect.    
           The Main Resource of the Hall is the Depositary of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, which was organized in 2009. This  Depositary  consists  of the scientific and research Books of the members of the Scientific Advisory Board  of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Materials of Cultural and  Linguistic Diversity of the People of Kazakhstan, issued by the Headquarters  of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and its regions. The Depositary has more than 1,000 copies of documents.
          About  400 copies were  digitized and presented in the Kazakh National Digital Library www.kazneb.kz . Any user can get information about Depositary and put the  order at the needed  copy of the book for free.
This  Hall is equipped with workstations with Access to the Electronic Catalog of the National Academic Library, Databases, Internet resources. There is  a high-speed Wi-Fi.
        The Great  Exhibition of National Literature of the Kazakhstani  Ethnic Groups  was  organized before entering  to the hall of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.