Personal exhibition of Alpysbay Kazygulov

In the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan held opening of Alpysbay Kazygulov’s personal exhibition. A. Kazygulov is a Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, holder of an order «Parasat».

According to French painter, sculptor  Gustave Courbet: «Painting is a realistic art, showing the things which are around us. This is a language of nature, language of visual world».

Paintings of a talented Kazakh painter, great master of brush Alpysbay Kazygulov is also one of the evidence in favor of this mind. Creativity of Alpysbay is a mirror of real life.

Works of A. Kazygulov are differed by a special individuality and due to it they are recognized easily. World of painter and his works are unique maze of impressions.

In his works the painter describes unusual daily life. It is the Kazygulov’s dimension. It was presented 65 unique works of painter on exhibition.

In the event participated Kopen Amirbek, Bekbolat Baisagatov, Seisenkhan Makhambetov, Dauletkerey Kapuly, Kazhygali Muhamedkaliuly, Kuanysh Zhienbay and others.