In library held ceremonial opening of Turkology Hall.
Hall was opened with assistance of Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to realize project «Turkic civilization: from origin to modernity». It is one of task pointed by Head of state N.A.Nazarbayev in article «Seven Facets of the Great Steppe». 
 The aim of opening is preservation, distribution and development of Turkic people’s spiritual heritage, modernization of culture and literature.
  In a frame of event took place International scientific and practical conference «Issues of development of modern turkology in Kazakhstan», dedicated for studying of researches made by writer, translator and turkologist Nemat Kelimbetov. Participants of conference discussed modern positions and perspectives of turkology development, distribution of cultural and spiritual values of Turkic people, studying of turkology history throughout independence, role of Turkic civilization in mankind’s history. 
In a frame of event took place presentation of book «Turkology. History of world turkology» in Kazakh, English and Russian.  Apart from, it was held session by results of  Republican campaign «One state-one book 2018», «Best librarian - 2018» and «Best Head of library - 2018», presentation of memorable gifts by nominations such as «Best librarian of campaign «One state-one book 2018»»,  «Best librarian - 2018» and «Best Head of library - 2018».
In event attended Minister of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Muhamediuly, scientists-turkologists M. Zholdasbekov, S. Kaskabasov, writer, film writer Smagul Elubay, Doctors of Philological sciences and professors H.Y. Minnesulov (Kazan), H. Kasapogly (Ankara), N. Rakhmanov (Tashkent), R. Asker (Baku), T. Sadykov (Bishkek), A.M. Bagirov (Moscow), outstanding Russian writer, journalist and publisher, social figure, academician of Russian academy of literature G.V. Pryakhin (Moscow) and others.