Creative evening «Екі Кенен тумайды, Алатауға ексең де»

Creative evening  «Екі Кенен тумайды, Алатауға ексең де»
       In a frame of realization tasks, settled by the Head of state and determined in the program «Ruhani zhangyru» and «Youth year»,  a special role is given to forming of national self-awareness in the young generation, popularization of national culture’s values, tradition and history. 
From this perspective, in the library held creative evening  «Екі Кенен тумайды, Алатауға ексең де», consecrated to 135 years from birth of singer-composer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, poet, member of the Writers and Composers Union of USSR Kenen Azerbayev. 
With the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and mayor administrations of the regions, in order to popularize creation and biography of poet, in this year it holds 13 memorial events in 9 cities of our country. 
     In 1994 First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev visited a small homeland of a great poet. In his speech Head of state pointed that «Kenen Azerbayev is one of the great sons of Kazakh nation. His name will stay in the history of country and in the  memory of Kazakh people for centuries. All his long life was dedicated till the last days for serving to people. In process of time the idea of happiness for ordinary person  in the creation of Kenes only increase. We will carry for ages sky flag of our Homeland, take it up to the new tops of development of our Kazakhstan. Let it will be forever!». 
    Kenen Azerbayev was born and grew in the locality Matybulak of Korday district, Zhambyl region. During his life he was witness of Russian revolution, campaign of collectivization, common condemnation of  national property, starvation, destroying a great figure of nation; repressions, war.  He expressed own civil position throughout his works. 
Singing a song he took part  in uprising of 1916 year. His song «Бұл бұлға» inspirited participants of a national uprising to the fight, called feeling of pride for their land, nation. Kenen survived widespread hunger of  30s years of the last century, which claimed life of a large part of Kazakh people. In the year of Great Patriotic War he shown widely his activity, where noted inevitable Victory against fascist aggressors. There is a song  «Біздің Отан жеңеді».
     Kenen Azerbayev stayed after him terme, tolgau, poems and more than 100 songs, which chanted peaceful life, constructive labour. He was glorious by his vocal abilities. His creative heritage enriched culture of Kazakh people. It became a real spiritual treasure. A main theme of his works is life of people, dreams and hopes of every person.
During the event it was presented book exhibition of national poet Kenen Azerbayev and was shown documental film about life and creation of great person.
    In the event attended representatives of creative, scientific intelligence and young people.