Master of word

On October 5  in the National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan held ceremony of opening of personal handwritings’, books’ and letters’ collections «Master of word», dedicated to 90-years of Zaki Akhmetov, who was outstanding  scientist and literary scholar, theorist of literature, Laureate of S. Valikhanov’s First Degree, Laureate of State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan, academician of National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Philological sciences, professor.

In the event attended S. Kaskabasov, R. Turysbek, S. Beisenova, A. Altai, S. Duisengazy, G. Botantayeva, M. Orazbek and other figures.

On exhibition were presented his handwritings, researches, letters to friends, monographs and scientific articles, medals, personal things, desires of tutor, pupils and friends and also books with the authors’ signs. For example, it was the figures such as S.E. Malov, V.M. Zhirmunski, N.S. Smirnova, B. Kenzhebayev, M. Auezov, D. Kunayev, L. Auezova, M. Myrzakhmet, M. Magauin, A. Seidimbek etc.

Name of academician is famous not only in our country, but around the world too. It is because he is a great expert in a literary theory and poetry and he is well-regarded as a founder of scientific school. In a base of his fundamental theoretical work «Қазақ өлеңінің құрылысы» it was elaborated firstly in area of national literary scholars a scientific system of studying of deepness and structure of Kazakh poetry’s historical development. This valuable work not only for Kazakh literature, but for all Turkic literature as well.