Poetical and musical evening «Адамзаттың алып ақыны»

In honor of 270-years from the birth of a great German poet, sophist, dramaturgist, scientist J. W. Goethe, in the library held poetical and musical evening «Адамзаттың алып ақыны».

In a frame of event held presentation of book of a great poet J.W. Goethe «Батыс - шығыс жинағы» in the German and Kazakh languages. The book was translated to the Kazakh by poet, member of the Writers Union of Kazakhstan Toregeldy Tuyakbay. Apart from, it will be presented book exhibition «Goethe – 270 years».

Main goal of event is to make acquaintance with a moral life of a great poet, spread his philosophy, spiritual heritage, poetical works and songs among a wide community.

In 1774 Goethe wrote a novel «Жас Вертердің азаптары». Besides, he presented for his readers tragedy for all Europe – tragedy Faust. Goethe often expressed his minds about poetry. How said Goethe: «The world is rich, the life is diverse. All my poems were written from the situations. They were inspired by facts and based on it».

In the event attended Head of German language Center Gulnara Fakhrudinova, Doctor of Historical sciences, Chairman of the Board corporation Republican newspaper «Egemen Kazakhstan» Darkhan Kydyrali, writer, Doctor of Philological sciences Tursyn Zhurtbay, Head of Philology and Foreign languages Department of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov Aigul Bishkenova etc.