130 years to poetry of Abay

In the library held round table, consecrated to the anniversary date of Abay Kunanbaiuly. During this event will take place speeches of academicians as well as discussing and analysis of works’ themes and plots, which are illustrations of past and present times.

In this year it’s 130 years to the 10 Abay’s poems, written in 1889. For example, these are the poems such as «Есіңде бар ма, жас күнің», «Жүрегім менің қырық жамау», «Адам бір боқ көтерген боқтың қабы», «Күшік асырап ит еттім», «Сүйсіне алмадым, сүймедім», «Дүтбайға» (Жылуы жоқ бойының), «Нұрлы аспанға тырысып өскенсің сен», translations of M. Lermontov’s poems «Жалау», «Жартас» and  «Жүректе көп қазына бар бәрі жақсы».


Every work of Abay is a spiritual treasure, which is need for personal studying. 
The Abay’s poems have a great meaning, which show his life, dreams about light future. 
His disturbances and warnings are accordant to modernity. People are disturbed about the issues of morality, 
spirituality, humanism and peace. In that is concluded a force of poet’s word. 
The creativity of Abay is astonished by its deepness and versatility. 

    In the event attended Doctor of Philological sciences, professor Mekemtas Myrzakhmetuly, Doctor of Political sciences, professor Abdizhalel Bakir, poetess Almakhan Mukhametkalikyzy, Candidate of Philological sciences Tleshov Erbol, poet, scientist, Doctor of Philological sciences Zhumagulov Sagymbay and others.