Presentation of music video «Apazhan»

In the 13th of April at 3.00pm in the National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place presentation of music video « Apazhan ».
The aim of creation of video is to promote children songs and  teach children to love and respect the parents.     
There is no songs for children at present time. According to the authors of video, it is necessary to have more songs for children, and meanwhile, to compose presentable song. 
The content of video shows   love to grandmother from children. We can to say that the songs like these may help to authors recognize themselves in the new image. 
During the meeting it was discussed the questions about the realization of music video. It is also planned to organize meeting with the production teams and actors. 
Author of words is Makhmud Kasymbekov and author of music is Arystanbek Mukhamediuly. 
Producer of music video is screenwriter and composer Oralbek Sarybasov. He is author and filmmaker of nearly 30 documentary films. 
In 2002 it was published books of O. Sarybasov «Балалар әні», «Махаббат назы» and «Халық сазы». He is also author of the books such as «Сүгірдің шәкірті», «Кенжалы Айманов» and  «Өткен күнде белгі бар». Apart from, he is author of song «Наз», widely distributed in our country. In 1991 he recorded inauguration moment of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and made a documentary film where show history and future of Independent Kazakhstan. 
  Filmmaker is Akbobek Tulzhan, who is prize winner in the nomination “Best short film” of the International film festival  «ZILANТ-2017». 
The actors and executors who took part in the music video are Zhannur Zhanybekuly (3rd year student of the Kazakh National University of art), Moldir Zhanybekkyzy (1st year student of the Kazakh National University of art), Zhasmin Amirova (pupil of the 6th grade in Gymnasium № 78), lead singers of children studio «Astana Opera»: Alikhan Armanuly, Erkin Kazhymurat Zhanybekuly, Laura Kulekeshova, Liya Abayeva, Aziza Omarova.