Opening of personal exhibition of pictures of Akanayev Ruslan Amandosovich

On July 7 at 10.00 o’clock in the National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan held personal exhibition of Akanayev Ruslan Amandosovich.

Ruslan Akanayev was born on April 14, 1968 in Almaty city. He is painter, sculptor, academician.

- since 1993 he is member of the Painters Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

-  full member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exhibitions with his participation were «Oriental gallery» (Moscow), «Far worlds» (Washington), «HasSanat» (Astana), «Tribune» (Almaty), «ART-MYTH» (Moscow, 1993), «Young age of country» (Moscow, 1986). 
His personal exhibitions were in Moscow (1995), Erfurt (1994), Washington (1999), Astana (2004), Almaty (2002).

His private collections are presented in Russia, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland.
He was awarded by merit certificates, diplomas, medal «Participant of destroying short and intermediate range missiles» (Saryozek city, 1998). In the Museum of Art’s funds are preserved series of his pictural drawing canvas.

List of presented works:

  1. Akanayev Ruslan «Color of minds» х.м. 160х120
  2. Akanayev Ruslan «Poppy seeds» 1 х.м. 140х120
  3. Akanayev Ruslan «Poppy seeds» 2 х.м. 140х120
  4. Akanayev Ruslan «Poppy seeds» 3 х.м. 140х120
  5. Akanayev Ruslan «Snowdrops» х.м. 150х100
  6. Akanayev Ruslan «Spring» х.м. 80х90
  7. Akanayev Ruslan «Summer» х.м. 80х90
  8. Akanayev Ruslan «Autumn» х.м. 80х90
  9. Akanayev Ruslan «Winter» х.м. 80х90
  10.  Akanayev Ruslan «White flowers» х.м. 80х90
  11.  Akanayev Ruslan «Morning» х.м. 80х90
  12.  Akanayev Ruslan «Spring forest» х.м. 80х90
  13.  Akanayev Ruslan «Books» 1 х.м. 90х80
  14.  Akanayev Ruslan «Books» 2 х.м. 90х80
  15.  Akanayev Ruslan «Midday» х.м. 76х101
  16.  Akanayev Ruslan «Old photos» х.м. 80х160
  17.  Akanayev Ruslan «Old library» х.м. 80х160
  18.  Akanayev Ruslan «Red flowers» х.м. 90х80
  19.  Akanayev Ruslan «Rain» х.м. 70х120
  20. Akanayev Ruslan «The first snow» х.м. 110х110
  21. Akanayev Ruslan «Meditation with red» х.м. 80х90
  22. Akanayev Ruslan «Portrait» х.м. 80х90
  23. Akanayev Ruslan «After rain» х.м. 80х90
  24. Akanayev Ruslan «Without name» х.м. 80х120

The exhibition will be opened daily for the visitors from 9.00 till 18.00 o’clock.