The Turkic Academy presented a book dedicated to the government of Alash orda

Today the international organization of the Turkic Academy (TWESCO) organized the second seminar on the theme "Army of Alash: history from the past", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Alash orda in the series "dating in the Turkic world."  Berik Abdygalievich, a public figure, gave a public lecture at the seminar.  The presentation of the book "Military structure of Alashorda (1917-1920)" was held.

Famous statesmen, public figures, diplomats, national intellectuals and researchers took part in the National Academic Library. 

One of the main directions of the Turkic Academy in 2017 was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the government Alash Orda.  The study of historian Berik Abdygalievich is based on a scientific project in this direction.

The author told the participants the story of writing a book.  The publication describes the formation of the national army of the Alash orda government in great detail.  And also in this edition there is a study on the interaction of the Provisional Siberian Government, and important historical factors as a military group of Cossacks.  During the research, valuable information was used, which was stored in the archives and libraries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk and Tomsk.

At the same time, a prominent statesman Mirzatay Zholdasbekov, Majilis deputy Abai Tasbolatov and other studies shared his impressions at the seminar on the movement in Alash.  Summing up the meeting, a  Head of the Academy Darkhan Kydyrali thanked Berik Abdygaliyevich “for his contribution to the study of the history of the Turkic peoples”  by the letter of thanks of  TWESCO.